Imagit – Budapest Exkursion

Student exchange between the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department and Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design in the frame of the IMAGIT project

Budapest: 21. – 28.11.2016

After the visit of HUFA students in spring 2016 five students of various fields from HfG have been welcomed in Budapest. Already from the second day on students presented their works at the exhibition Beyond the Words at the Labor Gallery with a very well frequented opening. With guided tours through the historic HUFA main building and Intermedia Department the visitors from Karlsruhe have been introduced perfectly to the curriculum and surrounding of their partners in Budapest. Together they took part in a workshop for app development, organized by brainz and prepared for the upcoming event Medium Analysis IX. As a final highlight the participants visited the event NOQTURNL, a 4D sound experience to guide the audience into a state that drifts between waking and sleeping.

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