Seminare Wintersemester 22/23

!!! Seminar Introductions !!!

Seminar introductions for the Media Art departments at HfG Karlsruhe will take place in the upcoming week on Tuesday, Oct. 18th from 10:00-12:00 on the Lichtbrücke (1st floor between the Lichthöfe).

The list of seminars for the wintersemester can be found here:


10:00-10:15 // Sound Art

10:15-10:30 // Kunst Digitaler Medien

10:30- 10:50 // Fotografie

10:50 -11:30 // Film / Moving Image

Afterwards: Short intro for new students by student representatives


Presumably there will also be a hybrid option for the event, a link will be send out via HfG-mail.


See you next week!

Seminare Sommerstemester 2022

Simon Weckert:

VVVV Programmieren für Beginner
Starting Date: 25.04., Monday

The Power of Maps
Starting Date: 25.04., Tuesday

OpenLab – Kunst, Technologie und Performance
Starting Date: 25.04., Tuesday


Prof. Michael Bielicky:

Go Public Narratives: UNESCO City of Media Arts: Seasons of Media Arts
Starting Date: 25.04., Monday

Data-Driven Narratives
Starting Date: 25.04., Monday

Mixed Reality Lab Forum: Anti-Automatismus
16.00- Open End
Starting Date: 25.04., Monday


Marc Bendt:

Making Games Remastered
Starting Date: 29.04., Friday

Coffee and Game Development Season 4
Starting Date: 29.04., Friday


Prof. Dr. Thomas Hensel:

Metareferentialität und Selbstreflexion im Computerspiel
Starting Date: 29.04., Friday !!! Starts 20.05 !!!


Jerome Nguyen:

Forum Ludorum – Talking about Game Culture
Starting Date: 27.04., Wednesday (on Discord)



The Media Art presentation and pilot project of HfG with UNESCO City of Media Arts GoPublic! Ghost on the Wall led by Professor Michael Bielicky was a great success, thanks for the great participation and teamwork everyone! As well as many thanks to the city of Karlsruhe for their support. 


GoPublic! Ghost on the Wall

Ein Pilotprojekt der Hochschule für Gestaltung im Rahmen von UNESCO City of Media Arts mit der Stadt Karlsruhe

Am Freitag, dem 28. Januar 2022 werden Studierende der Staatlichen Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) auf dem Marktplatz in Karlsruhe ein Pilotprojekt realisieren.
Ab ca 18:00 Uhr werden experimentelle Licht-Medienkunstwerke gezeigt. Neben verschiedenen Projektionen und visuellen Arbeiten werden auch interaktive Projekte präsentiert. Die Aktion findet unter Beachtung der geltenden Rechtslage und Einhaltung der Abstandsregeln statt.

Bespielung der Fassaden am Karlsruher Marktplatz, ab 18 Uhr 
Bitte die geltenden Rechtslage und Einhaltung der Abstandsregeln beachten. 


On Friday, January 28, 2022, students from HfG will implement a pilot project on the market square in Karlsruhe. Experimental media works will be shown from around 6:00 p.m. In addition to various projections and visual works, interactive projects will also be presented. This public projection takes place in compliance with the applicable legal situation and the Abstandsregelungen. 

Projection of the facades on the Karlsruhe market square, from 6 p.m
Please follow the applicable covid-rules and keep your distance


Ein kurzer Überblick über die zu sehenden Arbeiten / A short overview of the artworks:

Ben Alon
“Untitled” (17’00”)
How high can I reach? How long can I repeat the same action? What’s going on with my body all this time? In this work I stretch my physical boundaries and the flexible boundaries with the help of a simple action of throwing an apple in the air and catching it. I am interested in an action in which all the factors are human, I determine when the action begins and ends, it leaves me open to being the absolute performer.

Éva Csonka 
“Dance of the Dragons” (Video Collage, 11’59”, 2022) 
The act of the excavators are driven by hunger and greed for ruins. With this found footage-montage I explore the drive of a demolition process.

Nic Eßer
“Encounter with Yourself” (2022)
To decelerate for a moment, breaking through the paralysis of ordinary life, detaching from all the fuss and finally face what has long been forgotten.

Kimin Han & Haram Choi 
“Me, as an instant” (2022)
This piece reflects you (hence, every me) as a single occurrence that is stretched within the domain of time. The more you get reflected, the more you get distanced from yourself.

Puck de Haan
“Neulinge” (2021/22)
What does it mean to be new somewhere? From visitor to immigrant. Through AI generated people, varying stories get a stage.

Anna-Lina Helsen
“Floating” (Video Collage, 3’30”, 2022) 
Inspired by Astrida Neimanis, this work addresses the notion of Hydrofeminism. Using found material in combination with illustrated animations, the collage mirrors a return to nature where human bodies live in harmony with bodies of water.

Tina Jander 
1. “Contact”
In times in which we have to keep a distance to others, we can still feel close to everything that is, if we question our way of thinking. 
2. “The Highest Moment”
The Highest Moment is inspired by the anarchist Philosopher Gustav Landauer who said, that the highest moment in our life will come, when we learn to master our own darkness.”

Sangyi Lee
“Teleportation Video” (Virtual Space, 3’24”, 2021) 
The Portal exists in somewhere and can be placed anywhere. If we had the light, would we be able to go anywhere through the portal, no matter where it’s on the television, any wall or floor?

Seonghyeon Lee
1. “Particle Systems of Silhouette”
This project presents particle systems and various colour spectrums. And its real-time dynamics are controlled by a fluid flow simulation that react to participants as they move in front of a Kinect. The shapes of audiences are causing the particle’s countless dots to form surfaces ,seemingly following their silhouette and this experience gives them the impression that they are in a different space.
2. “Stained-Glass Pieces”
Inspired by stained glass, this visual effect is generated from audience’s shape and motions that are detected by Kinect sensor. It allows the participants to slowly manipulate the glass pieces with their gestures and movements and the effect endlessly regenerates the shapes and the colours of the stained glass. People can find that their shapes are merged into the whole stained glass as a part of it.

Christina Vinke
“Time of Deconstruction” (2022, 5’00”)
What if written language becomes only a momentum in time and disappears immedetially?  Will there remain a blurred sensation of meaning or will it lead to other means of understanding?

Rui Zhang
“Lives on the Building” (2021)
Mosses live everywhere in our environment, but are always overlooked. The work is based on the place where we live in the present, from a microscopic perspective observing and recording the mosses that “cohabit” with humans.


Global Game Jam 2022

Es ist wieder so weit:
Der Global Game Jam 2022 steht vor der Tür und das GameLab der HfG Karlsruhe nimmt erneut daran teil!

Dieses Jahr wird der GGJ komplett online stattfinden. Hoffentlich können wir jedoch nächstes Jahr wieder wie gewohnt in den Lichthöfen arbeiten.

Von Freitag, den 28.01.2022 ab 17 Uhr (Es empfiehlt sich schon ein wenig eher anwesend zu sein)
bis Sonntag, den 30.01.2022 um 17 Uhr
werden auf einem hierfür eingerichteten Discor
d Server Spiele zu einem weltweit vorgegebenen Thema entwickelt.

Innerhalb dieser 48 Stunden habt ihr die Möglichkeit eurer Kreativität freien Lauf zu lassen und gemeinsam mit anderen motivierten Leuten Spielideen in die Tat umzusetzen. Dieses kostenlose globale Event wird parallel an hunderten verschiedenen Jam-Sites veranstaltet.

Voraussetzungen bezüglich Grundkenntnissen gibt es keine. Jede Fähigkeit kann innerhalb eines solchen Jams zum Einsatz gebracht werden. Und was ihr noch nicht könnt, lernt ihr spätestens dann 😉

Anmeldung und weitere Informationen findet ihr unter:

Wir freuen uns auf euch!

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It’s finally time:

The Global Game Jam 2022 is coming up and the GamLab of the HfG Karlsruhe will participate once more!

This year’s GGJ will be held completly online. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to use the spaces of the HfG again as we used to.

From Friday, the 28th January 2022 at 5 PM (we advice you to come a little earlier)
until Sunday, the 30th January 2022 at 5 PM
games are going to be created to a worldwide given theme
on a for this cause created Discord server.

Within those 48 hours, dedicated solely to your creativity, you have the opportunity to create your own games together with other motivated people. This global event takes place in hundreds of different locations at the same time for free.

There are no requirements regarding competences. Every ability will be put to use during such a Jam. And what you’re not able to do now, you’ll learn then 😉

Please register below (more translated information will follow soon on the Discord server):

We’ll be happy to see you there!

La Biennale Architettura 2021

In a few days, from November 19-21 2021 Artists from HfG will exhibit at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

This project was able to take place thanks to the guidance and support of Nahum Mantra from KOMICA, Michael Bielicky and the Lithuanian Space Agency! More infos and images will come soon! 

Further information and details can be found here: KOSMICA Website

Re-Start von Lichtsicht 7

Heute, Freitag den 22.10.2021, findet um 20:00 Uhr der Re-Start der Projektionsbiennale Lichtsicht 7 in Bad Rothenfelde statt. Kunstwerke von internationalen Kunstschaffenden werden auf das gigantische Gradierwerk projiziert und können dort bis zum 20. Februar 2022 besucht werden. 

Es werden dort Arbeiten von Kunstschaffenden und Alumni der HfG Karlsruhe gezeigt, Desirée Kabis, Tanja Meißner, Anna-Lina Helsen, Kira Adams, Christina Vinke und Yifan Hu. 

Nach dem ursprünglichen Beginn im Oktober 2020 musste die Ausstellung vorzeitig durch Corona bedingt pausiert werden. Nun gibt es den Re-Start und Kurator Prof. Michael Bielicky lädt herzlich dazu ein, die enormen Arbeiten in Person auf sich wirken zu lassen.

“Circular Transmigration” // Photo: Angela von Brill 2020 (c)

Heads Up in Venezia!

In a few months we can reveal more infos about an exciting ongoing project! 
For now here’s a small sliver of information:

Plan to come see some exciting works at the La Biennale di Venezia in November 2021 at the Lithuanian Pavillion!
With Lithuanian Space Agency (LSA) and Kosmica Institute!  

HfG and MAU Tokyo Collaboration

During 2021 the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe (Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe HfG) and MAU Musashino Art University in Tokyo have created multiple artworks together. Despite the collaborations having to take place virtually, as due to COVID-19 travelling and exchanging visits have not yet been possible, numerous works have been realized and exhibited in Japan and Germany. 

“Bílá vrána / Sukiyaki”
Bi Fangchao, Helsen Anna-Lina, Su Yifan, Christina Vinke, Wang Dakang, Yoneda Sayuki, Zhang Rui, Du Shiqi, Liu Anqi, Ma Minghan, Yang Pulaixin, Zhang Junkai
“Change and Become” + “Fever”
Fever / 熱: Han Jeongmin, Lee Seong Hyeon
Change and Become / 変える・変わる: Du Shiqi, Che Xiuwen, Liu Anqi, Ma Minghan, Wang Jingyi, Zhang Fei, Zhang Junkai, Zhong Muchenyu
Bi Fangchao, Helsen Anna-Lina, Kobakura Nana, Su Yifan, Christina Vinke, Wang Dakang, Zhang Rui


Iconuu is a platform and a tool, working like an advanced social network. Advanced by the fact, that participants are allowed to communicate via complex visual, graphical and iconic language, using no words. Social by the fact, that it brings new tools for collaborative interaction on-line.

Within this network people communicate with a new code for an old system. The new code works as a sensual stenography to create a visual statement in a narrative format. In practice iconuu offers icons to design your communication and gives you also the possibility to create your own icons. The main aim is to put creativity before pragmatism. Ambiguous Ambiguous!


Iconuu is a very ambitious project and it’s development will never and…
Nevertheless we are happy to invite you to our beta-version under

Your feedback is always welcome:

The warm-up of iconuu within the frame of GLOBALE was a great success.
Please check up our Facebook page for more details.

here you can find the website: