HfG and MAU Tokyo Collaboration

During 2021 the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe (Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe HfG) and MAU Musashino Art University in Tokyo have created multiple artworks together. Despite the collaborations having to take place virtually, as due to COVID-19 travelling and exchanging visits have not yet been possible, numerous works have been realized and exhibited in Japan and Germany. 

“Bílá vrána / Sukiyaki”
Bi Fangchao, Helsen Anna-Lina, Su Yifan, Christina Vinke, Wang Dakang, Yoneda Sayuki, Zhang Rui, Du Shiqi, Liu Anqi, Ma Minghan, Yang Pulaixin, Zhang Junkai
“Change and Become” + “Fever”
Fever / 熱: Han Jeongmin, Lee Seong Hyeon
Change and Become / 変える・変わる: Du Shiqi, Che Xiuwen, Liu Anqi, Ma Minghan, Wang Jingyi, Zhang Fei, Zhang Junkai, Zhong Muchenyu
Bi Fangchao, Helsen Anna-Lina, Kobakura Nana, Su Yifan, Christina Vinke, Wang Dakang, Zhang Rui