Terror Investigation

LASN (Laboratory for analysis of social networks) takes a critical look at social media services. Their weaknesses are being revealed, researched and published. On one hand it is about generating studies or projects on this topic and on the other hand to sensitize users and reveal the true intentions of those services. The data which was picked up in TERRORFAHNDUNG was generated during the installation PEEPSHOW, which was issued as part of the Beyond Festival. Through a small hole in the wall of a darkened room, visitors of the festival could see the footage of people who had just recently been in the very same room; and accordingly the respective visitors were always shown the footage of the visitors before. The idea behind PEEPSHOW is the moment of privacy: In a darkened room, a feeling of intimacy arises, the visitor expects only to be observer and unseen. The shots that other observers are shown a little later, break this moment. TERRORFAHNDUNG picks up on this idea and adds the aspect of dealing with data, where the affected person does not know anything about this data’s emergence: who can be sure that they are not just searched through images by the state?   by LASN (Martin Rich, Marco Zampella, Mike Gerber, Jan Straube, Niklas Plessing, Silvia Woll)