Reality Design

In this seminar we want to create a pervasive game. This type of game is a genuine form of the so called enhanced term of game/gaming. It pervades and and obliterates the spacial, temporal and/or social contextual limit of traditional games.
Therefore in most examples of this type the actual game doesn´t take place at a certain location or to a certain date of time and therefore negate the typical character of a game.
But they open the borders between an playful and a serious state of mind. They drift between fiction and reality and are propelled by uncertainty and ambiguity. They challenge social norms and behavioural code, especially as related to what is being accepted in the public space.
We will focus on artistic questions towards the game and societal questions of the game. Thereby we will acquaint ourselves with the principles of gamedesign.

The seminar is open to students of all faculties.
Further information : mzielke(at)