GameLab – Programming Games

Seminar / dienstags / 10-14 Uhr / Raum 323 (Entropia) / Brice Clocher

This seminar aims at initiating students with basic computer tools, programming skills, and culture elements which are needed in order to perform and communicate around interactive computer art projects in the digital age.

In the Summer semester of 2013/2014, the seminar puts a stronger focus on getting students familiar with easy and accessible game creation tools. 3 to 5 programs will be covered depending on the attendees’ interest, among RPG Maker, Stencyl, Urwigo, Construct, Game Maker and Unity. Through experimenting with these tools, students will acquire a better understanding of the logic of programming for games.

Attendees are encouraged to attend the seminar “GameLab – Designing Games” on Wednesdays, where they will get assistance for using their newly acquired skills in creating and executing their own interactive art projects.

The seminar will be held mostly in English.

Start: 15.04 – 10:00 Uhr