1. International Symposium for Postdigital Narratives

The complex world of today does not open up itself from one-dimensional systems of representation anymore. To make the interwoven realities of our time tangible, variable systems must be used and the ability to humanize the often alienating characteristics of digital culture must be developed. Mankind has always operated on narrative to explain and understand its own existence. Therefore the research, communication and, above all, production of new narrative forms is of central importance. Although the contemporary generations are finding themselves increasingly confronted by their digital reality, they still remain material, or analog, at their core. Man cannot flee his physicality and location. It is also becoming increasingly apparent in our digitally influenced quotidian-culture that the physical is of a special fascination and attractiveness. The dilemma of virtual representation and analog imprisonment will only be overcome when a close interplay between these seemingly opposing conditions is attained. The first International symposium on post-digital narrativity faced this conflict, and asked critically to the rebellion of the post digital consciousness of the 21st century. The english Symposium welcomed among others Prof. Mel Alexenberg (Emunah Collage, Jerusalem), Prof. Norman Klein (CalArts, Los Angeles), Prof. Timothy Druckrey (Maryland Institute, Baltimore), Prof. Michael Bielicky (University of Arts and Design, Karlsruhe) and Adam Rafinski (University of Arts and Design, Karlsruhe).

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