Opening Vasulka Chamber – Kristin Scheving


Talk by Kristin Scheving
18 June | 2pm | Entropia (323)

the Center of Electronic and Digital Art in Iceland
with the collaboration of the Vasulkas and their development and ideology in the field, with the opening of the Kitchen in New York in 1971 –


With the establishment of the Vasulka Chamber, the National Gallery of Iceland directs its attention to the preservation of video and multimedia art, which has been a neglected area thus far. As a leading museum in visual art, the National Gallery plays a critical role in the preservation of Icelandic visual art. This is no less true of video and multimedia art than it is of art that is created with more conventional techniques.  Vasulka Chamber is a collaboration with Steina and Woody Vasulka and they have donated a large part of their digital archive.  Vasulka Chamber has already started a collaboration with various institutions around the world and one that has already got funding is Nordic Digital Conversation from the Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point. Nordic Digital Conversation is a project initiated by the Vasulka Chamber in collaboration with Videokunstarkivet in Norway and AV-Arkki in Finland, both of whom have been working in the field of media and digital art for years. Vasulka Chamber´s aim is to: preserve the Vasulka collection (art works, documents and pertaining objects). continue mapping / maintaining video and related artworks. encourage researchers and give access to material for educational, research and exhibition purposes. Transfer artworks in film and video to digital format in order to preserve them and assist in the conservation of significant objects relating to the legacy of Icelandic media art history. Preserve video and filmed artworks. Promulgate research (e.g. through seminars, publications etc.). The future vision of the Vasulka Chamber is to provide insight into the works of the Vasulkas and give better access to their art and pioneering achievements, and to improve the working conditions of artists working with video and digital medium. We hope to achieve these aims in the near future.