The Spiritual Wanderer

The spiritual wanderer is on the journey of his life.
He is a modern, self-empowered being impacting the world around him.
Free to go wherever he wants, the path he chooses will shape according to his believes and whims.
The wanderer can change his mind at any point if it pleases him.
All spiritual paths of life stand open, whether he chooses a devout and determined life or prefers to idle and explore.
As pilgrim he can dare to take the strenuous path to complete immersion.
As flaneur he can chose to stroll around and indulge the diversity.
The fashion in which he engages the options life presents to him and his preferences will more and more pull him into a world shaped by his expectations.
Where the journey takes the spiritual wanderer is up to him – and it will determine the kind of world in which he will conclude his life.

The game has been created by
André, Mathieu
Benda, Madelaine
Clocher, Brice
Génin, Rémi
Giroux, Jonathan
Hoffmann, Greta
Papillié, Rémi

It can be found and played on