Poetic Deconstruction of the Interface – Joana Moll

Poetic Deconstruction of the Interface lead by artist Joana Moll and interaction designer Aurelia Friedland, seeks to critically reveal, analyse and connect the complex network of agents that converge on the configuration of Interfaces. During this one-day workshop we will reveal, deconstruct and re-articulate the material and immaterial elements that construct Interfaces in order to reflect on its role and influence within the social, political, economic, cultural and emotional spheres of the networked society. Therefore, the main goal of this workshop is to stimulate and re-appropriate subjectivity, an essential process in the generation of critical thought about the nature of technology, and in the imagination of alternative techno-paradigms which may coherently respond to our environmental and human conditions. Another focus will be set on Interfaces of communication-based applications for mobile devices and how to outbid their limits.

December 7th, 2016

10:00h – 17:00h

Room 323 (Entropia)

The workshop was held in English. Students of all fields were welcome and present.

Starting out with the history of the interface and the internet as a whole, Joana and Aurelia introduced different kinds of interfaces, how we as a user “experience” them and how we are persuaded into giving information or perceiving the pages. Then Joana showed some of her work, which was built on this premise. Lively discussion occurred, when Joana showed her work “CO2GLE”, which is an installation displaying the amount of CO2 emitted on each second thanks to the global visits of Google.com. Afterwards the students worked under supervision on individual projects, reimagining, reforming or deconstructing interfaces via coding.

Here are some of the students work, playing with the interface of websites like twitter, google or youtube.

This event is part of the project IMAGIT and co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.