Pervasive Games – Brice Clocher

From the 13th to the 17th of April  Brice Clocher, a french engineer and game designer with a special focus on pervasive and location-based games, held a successful workshop at the GameLab Karlsruhe.

2015 being the year of the Globale Experience in Karlsruhe, there is an increased interest in globalization and digitalization.

In their playful yet subversive way, Pervasive Games – games which grow to surround us – participate in reshaping how we interact with our environment and society at large.
This one-week-long block seminar offered an introduction to the theory and design of Pervasive Games. Each day, a different aspect was explored through formal presentations supported by literature, and playful workshops dedicated to understanding and making such games.

The workshop included a visit at the GEE Lab Europe and a very informative meeting with the game researcher and author Jussi Holopainen.