Michael Rybakov (art project) – Monk

19:00 Michael Rybakov (art project) – Monk

The Monk and his friends – dead animal and lion’s head

So we have this bucket, standing on a chair, placed in a locked room in the basement of an old industrial complex somewhere in Germany. It is the gathering point of half of the evil in the world. You see, every time a person writes a curse, a damnation, or a threat on twitter, a drop of water falls from the ceiling into the bucket, and the curse is spelled out by the bucket in a nonchalant, robotic voice. Fuck you sideways, you stupid bitch.
    Like taking a few drops of water from a real-life river makes the volume of the stream indiscernibly smaller, gathering the hatred and anguish from the twitter stream in this lonely room makes the rest of the world less contaminated. As for the water, I invite all the good people to visit and take a few sips, since I can’t drink it all by myself (my request to store it at Gorleben was ignored).
    It is an anti-prayer, as magical as the faint feeling of fat warmth you get as soon as you pronounce the phrase “tea with bacon”. Try it.

Michael Rybakov (*1984 Leningrad, USSR) is a media artist, media hacker, researcher, and an overall great guy. Since 2006 he has been studying media art at the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe.
    Michael’s work encompasses interactive sculpture, photography, video, and web-art as well as the smell of dust and leaded gasoline. Through different media it centers on experimenting with an active state of inaction. The kind you had as a kid while staring at the old wooden floor in your grandfather’s house, while your mother was making pancakes in the kitchen.
    His latest installation “The Monk and his friends – dead animal and lion’s head” received critical acclaim in form of a pat on the back, and a cup of black tea (Orange Pekoe).