Dr. Birgitta Zics is the Associate Director of the Digital Media Culture Lab at the Newcastle University.

This seminar will focus on interaction and on the paradigm shift that brought to aesthetics moving the focal point of production from an object oriented creation to an interconnectivity of interactive artwork and participant.

It will be suggested that this new paradigm places aesthetics into a hybrid realm of disciplines where understanding human experience became the key element of artistic production. In order to gain insight into this, co-existing models of artwork-spectator and human-computer will be presented and compared to the proposed aesthetic model of interactive artwork-participant.
As such, artists apply philosophical and scientific concepts in order to facilitate new experiences which might provide not only artistic and technological interventions but also can serve as testbed of applied philosophy and sciences. Furthermore it will be suggested that emerging interactive art works with the proposed aesthetic modality struggle to fit into existing format of display and distribution offered by institutions. The migration to new platforms has been already characterised; the question that remains whether traditional institutions are prepared to rethink their way of distribution or novel methods will take over the display of progressive art, data aesthetics and its role in constructing human knowledge. It explains beauty as an integral part of knowledge acquisition, which plays a crucial role in generating new, or enhancing existing, information. It looks at the representation and abstraction of data in relation to embodied human experience and data aesthetics. The talk also touches upon (i) how the design of information spaces requires an understanding of the limitations of human perception and (ii) how new motion and emotion aware systems can provide a new framework for aesthetics to enhance the acquisition of knowledge.
13+14.Nov. /// ab 10 Uhr /// Blackbox ///