Gaming Narratives

The Digital Game is the leading media form of the current generation. These games represent digital art in the form of mass media and actively transmit their social relevance. Thus, the semantics and the argumentation structure of digital games are of central importance in the teaching of media art. Innovative game concepts need to be developed in the area of Gaming Narratives. These new works can be critically, pedagogically, or also playfully, motivated. The digital game is a rising art form that reaches beyond the conflict of body and spirit.  Digital Gaming, through the paradox of game-play, creates a contemporary vehicle for existential questions. The medium of digital art, mirroring other cultural forms of expression, contemporarily answers the age-old question: “What is the excitement of being alive today?” The computer game has yet to find its own media-specific language. Thus, it is especially crucial for young artists to have access to technologies such as Augmented-Reality, Global Positioning System (GPS), Mobile Devices and stereoscopical 3-D Representation as they continue to blur and transcend the borders between fiction and reality.