Norman is a critic, urban and media historian, novelist, and teacher in the School of Critical Studies at California Institute of the Arts. Together with Margo Bistis, a European cultural historian, independent curator, and teacher in the School of Critical Studies at California Institute of the Arts, he will perfom a workshop that will take place from the 7th till the 9th of November 2012, starting 3 pm.
They´ll show their work at the picture of the 20th century from the perspective of  the 19th century.

The workshop will be held in english

The Project can be found here

“A historical science-fiction novel, The Imaginary 20th Century operates as a gigantic interactive data field with 2,200 images and an original sound composition. The story involves the picaresque adventures of a woman who, in 1901, selects four men to seduce her, each with a vision of the coming century. We navigate through the suitors’ worlds, follow the woman (Carrie) on her travels, witness what she and her lovers forgot to notice; and experience the tastes and sounds of the period from 1893 to 1926. It is a whimsical meta-journey that requires a printed book and an online interface. The co-directors are Margo Bistis and Norman M. Klein.”


Tom Leeser, Director of the Center for Integrated Media at Cal Arts, discusses Norman Klein, Margo Bistis, and Andrea Kratky’s new DVD novel “The Imaginary 20th Century”. This talk accompanied the show in the Ben Maltz Gallery “The Future Imaginary” which was co-curated by Leeser and Meg Linton, Gallery Director at Otis.