This seminar aims at initiating students with basic computer tools, programming skills, and culture elements which are needed in order to perform and communicate around interactive computer art projects in the digital age.
In this semester the seminar will revolve around the theme of Web interactivity. Indeed, Internet is a great medium not only to realize artworks but also to exhibit them. Students will be exposed to theory and practice in creating interactive art using web pages and other network tools. Some of the addressed themes will be: developing web sites, making them interactive, communicating between multiple computers, displaying 3D on a browser… Moreover, themes will also depend on the attendees’ interests.

Students in this seminar are encouraged to attend the GameLab LAB on Wednesdays in the afternoon, where they will get assistance for using their newly acquired skills in creating and executing their own interactive art projects.
Open for students of all fields, especially recommended for Media artists. Bringing your own laptop is highly recommended.
The seminar will be held mostly in English. 


Lehrbeauftragte(r): Brice Clocher, Jonathan Giroux, freitags, 10 – 14 Uhr, Raum 323 (Entropia)