Art Specific Games – Spiele aus Kunst

In this Seminar we are going to design games on basis of one or more pieces of art as starting material. They might even need the presence of certain artworks in order to be played. Which ones those are going to be is free to chose without any restriction regarding medium, genre or epoch. An analysis and interpretation of the underlying artworks is part of the seminar. Media, form and genre of the games that are to be developed are also free, but there will be a special interest on the extended pervasive forms of gaming with performatives elements (pervasive games).
In the best case the results will in themselves answer the claim of being a playable game art.
For that purpose the seminar does not only want to impart the principles of game design, but also discuss forms of media in art and gaming as well as their possiblities of transfer.

We are also going to take a glance at phenomena such as transmedia storytelling or crossmedia.
Furthermore it is planned to visit different exhibitions in the course of the seminar in order to be able to develop our ideas eye to eye with the art.

In this course you can gain praxis-course assessments (Praxis-Scheine).
It is open to all students of all departments. Firstsemesters are welcome.

Lecturer: Moph Zielke / thursdays, 10 – 12:30 Uhr / every 2nd week /Room 323 (Entropia) / Start: 17. Oktober 2013