For an absurd way to create 3D image – Anne-Sarah Le Meur

08.05 | 16:00 | Black Box (R 341)

How about playing to invert the organization rules of the physical world? How about forgetting our physical world to generate another world, another space, a breeding of unreasonable dreams and mathematics? Let’s be poets, let’s be artists. Let’s be absurd!!! And let’s smash the 3D space conventions, all the 3D image conventions. Let’s generate an upset space, an ambivalent, cracked or sometimes stratified space. A sensitive, sensual, tactile space! Where non linear temporality and negative light would activate the viewer’s gaze and senses! A new and uncanny space where even its interaction rules would be transformed even reversed . . . Anne-Sarah Le Meur will present her artistic research on pictorial and interactive 3D image (ranging from 1990 to 2013). After having explained why it is interesting to program images, she will expound the way she works with code and combinatory, and how ideas come to her mind and are embodied in images.