Alan Kwan: Bad Trip − Navigate my Mind

Tue, 19th of November 2013
Alan Kwan: Bad Trip − Navigate my Mind


Room 323 (Entropia) HfG, 4 pm

Since November 2011 artist Alan Kwan from Hong Kong films every of his steps with a videocamera attached to his glasses. Every evening he uploads the videomaterial to his computergame “Bad Trip”, a game that he programmed and designed himself. The players can thereby experience the pictures as fragments of his memories and thereby metaphorically access his brain.
The work »Bad Trip« brings together current topics that belong to a bigger movement called Lifelogging / Quantified Self. Those have highest relevance not least because of the soon to be officially sold portable computers in form of glasses (Google Glass).
In his presentation the young artist from Hong Kong will talk about his work »Bad Trip« that can also be seen and played in the exhibition »ZKM_Gameplay«.