Konstantin Akinsha

23. November 2009 News

Veranstaltungs Datum: 03.06.2009 14:00 bis 16:00 – Organisator: The birth of the bastard medium. Soviet ‘Cultural Revolution’ and the creation of new visual devices.
The lecture will be dedicated to such forgotten devices used by the radical Soviet artists in the end of the 1920s – the beginning of the 1930s, as the film projection on the buildings, the light projection and especially the photo-film (projection of photographs creating narrative) and “the light-newspaper” (projection of photographs and texts for propaganda purposes). The lecture will also address the medium of so called “visual installations” incorporated in displays of the majority of the Soviet art museums during the museum reform of 1927–1932. Special attention will be paid to the activities of the Institute of the visual statistic and formation of the sign language of the Soviet statistics worked out buy such avantgarde artists, for example, El Lissitzky.

Raum: Blackbox, 3OG