InfoArt 2009 – Inside

28. February 2012 Ausstellungen
InfoArt 2009 – Inside

The second part of the exhibition project “outside-inside” took place during the “Sommerloch” exhibition ’09 at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe. From 15th till 19th July many works from the Department of Media Arts/Digital Media/InfoArt were shown.

The possibilities of presenting digital, especially ephemeral, time-based media art in the interior was to be examined in detail. The range of works on display ranged from interactive media works, which partly dealt playfully with serious topics, like the daily flood of data or the refugee problem (Jens Stober), on conceptual work, which examined the leisure habits of the masses (Achim Weinpel: “Today there is no party”), to media based performance art (Christian Claus “shooting pixels”). The “visual cube”, a dynamic light sculpture made out of 1000 colored LEDs that are arranged in a three dimensional cube matrix, was a special attraction (

Participants were: Magdalena Abele, Benjamin Bartosch, Achim Weinpel, Thomas Kühn, Jens Stober, Benjamin Matzek, Michael Rentschler, Andreas Rentschler, Ilda Kim, Christian Claus, Marianne Schmidt, Yvette Pistor, Kristoph Lai, Oskar Klinkhammer, Jan Cordes

Organisation & Public Relations: Prof. Michael Bielicky, Marianne Schmidt, Johannes Kersting
Fotos: Johannes Kersting